Random Superbowl Thoughts

** **Best Commercial*: The job search place with the monkeys
** **Worst Commercial*: Fedex/Kinkos
** **Donovan McNabb*: He’s overrated. Yes, he’s a very, very good quarterback, but he’s not nearly as good as the media would have had you think
** **Terrel Owens*: Simply put, he was unbelievable. His performance should go down in Superbowl lore as one of the most gutsy things ever. He was right and everyone else was wrong.
** **Tom Brady*: Simply put, one of the best ever. He just wins.
** **Deion Branche*: We all agreed, definitely the most valueable player
** **Score*: Was it just me or was that game way better that expected?
** **Parity*: The NFL has achieved its goal of trying to make all the teams as equal as possible. True, the Patriots have won 3 out of 4 Superbowls, but each one has been a very difficult win. This isn’t like SF wiping out Denver 55-10.

Overall, I enjoyed this Superbowl quite a bit… not as much as the first Patriots superbowl against the Rams, but it still was quite fun.