Not Your Father’s Galactica

The new [[Battlestar Galactica]] television series on SciFi sure is a pleasant surprise.

When I first heard that [[SciFi]] was planning to do a remake of the original (fun, if cheesy) show, I didn’t bother watching. I’d seen the recent [[SciFi]] entries and wasn’t impressed. Boy was I wrong.

A friend recently let me borrow his copy of the original 4 part miniseries. I watched that, and then caught up with all the series’ new episodes. This series is just plain awesome. It is the best science fiction on television since [[Babylon 5]] left the air.

They’re tackling real issues that would exist in the universe of the story (how about an entire episode dedicated to the search for water??), rather than just providing a fantasy set in space. This is has more of an edge than that.