User Interface Hall of Shame: Lotus Notes

I wish this wasn’t the case… I really do!

We wish we found IBM’s Lotus Notes a long time ago. This single application could have formed the basis for the entire site. The interface is so problematic, one might reasonably conclude that the designers had previously visited this site, and misread “Hall of Shame” as “Hall of Fame”. Lotus Notes… contains almost every example of inefficient design illustrated thoughout the entire Hall of Shame site.

And I have to use this at work!!!

Having had to use Notes for e-mail for a few weeks before I quit my last company, I can fully appreciate your criticisms. In the developers’ defense, since Notes is supposed to run on various OS platforms, it is important that it **suck** equally on all of them.

I guess I can understand that… except that on the 5.0 product, it doesn’t work cross-platform anymore! Now what’s their excuse?