Shannon O’Lyin’

Take a look at Howie Carr’s column in today’s [[Boston Herald]].

###Howie in Rare Form

How many times did she not answer either Tim Russert’s or Romney’s questions about whether she’d raise taxes? Again she said she won’t “tinker* with Proposition 2. It’s not “tinkering* we’re afraid of, it’s gutting it. Finally, after being asked three times, she admitted she was hot to trot to tax haircuts and plumbing services…

But anyway, when it came to Medicare fraud, as she said, Mitt Romney was an admiral, I was a sailor.

Maybe that’s why she offered to show Russert her tattoo. And now, Sailor Shannon wants to swab the decks for Good Time Charlie Flaherty.

You tell ’em Howie.

This debate accomplished one thing… it made sure of who **I’m not** voting for.

See you at the polling booth.