Atari Adventure?

I remember this!

Here is a sample of my Macromedia Flash programming. Flash was designed as a vector animation tool for the web. Lately, however, it has developed scripting capabilities similar to its sister program, Macromedia Director, which is my native language.

I chose to recreate Atari Adventure with all its bleeps and bloops and chicken-looking dragons. As a kid this program fascinated and enticed me to become a programmer. It’s a joy to be able to re-create it. Note that I took the liberty to rearrange a couple of items.

Adventure was the first of its kind, the mother of all graphic adventure games from Ultima to Zelda. It was also the instigator of hidden backdoors and easter eggs (now staples in every video game).


Now, if only I can remember how to solve this [[:-)]]

Tetris is Hard

Not only is it hard, it’s NP-Hard.

Technically, it’s ‘NP-hard,’ meaning that there is no efficient way to calculate the necessary moves to “win,” even if you know in advance the complete order of pieces, and are given all the time you need to make each move. At least there’s one geek classic that refuses to fall to the scrutiny of mathematicians.

Now why didn’t I think of that for a graduate thesis???

IBM Dhooses Linux!

Linux will be the main operating system for IBM’s upcoming family of “Blue Gene” supercomputers–a major endorsement for the operating system and the open-source computing model it represents.

###Very cool news

I’m really pulling for Linux to succeeed, because everything that gets done to make Linux better indirectly helps the Mac and OSX.

Go Giants!

**Yeah!**. Just one more!!!!

Bonds put San Francisco on the brink, hitting an RBI double that sent the Giants zooming to a big lead that not even these pesky Anaheim Angels could overcome, winning 16-4 in Game 5 Thursday night to take a 3-2 lead.

I think Barry has silenced the critics regarding his post season play.