What a day for a hike!

The weather was perfect!

Some people where I work decided to take a hike today up the [[Blue Hill]] near our office. Take a look:

[[Blue Hill 2002]]

I think I’m going to have to take my family there.

Was Apple Really Profitable?

According to this article, the answer is **sorta**.

The good news is that one-time charges are what drove it into the red. Apple wrote down $49 million for declining investments. Subtract such charges, and the business eked out $7 million in profit — a whole 2 cents a share.

This, in the face of the tech bubble burst, is incredible.

Open Microsoft?

It looks M$ might just open up its file format in V11 of its office software suite. This is great if it actually happens.

The co-inventor of XML, Tim Bray, has been talking about the newly XML-enabled version of Microsoft Office, code-named **Office 11** and tells XML-Journal that when the huge universe of MS Office documents becomes available for processing by any programmer with a Perl script and a bit of intelligence, all sorts of wonderful new things can be invented that you and I can’t imagine.

When that happens, the product will have to compete based on features and stability instead of just simply customer lock-in. Then other products such as [[OpenOffice]] might have a chance to make an impact.

Sniper Suspects Arrested

Let’s just hope the have the right guys.

Members of the sniper task force arrested an ex-soldier and his stepson early Thursday at a freeway rest stop. Sources told CNN the two were considered suspects in the shootings that have killed 10 and wounded three in the Washington area.

His name is John Allen Muhammad. With a name like that, you gotta wonder if he has ties to Al Queda. The scary part is that he’s an ex-soldier in the US army and a gulf war veteran!!!

Early Review of FOTR Extended DVD

This comes from [[DVDReview.com]], a great source for information and reviews on upcoming dvd releases.

New Line has been on the bleeding edge wit this production form beginning to end. Whether it’s their audacity – and Peter Jackson’s madness – to shoot all three parts of the movie at the same time, or the quality of this DVD package, this studio shows what the term “dedication” can mean – even in Hollywood. This is a stellar DVD release that is flawless from the first to the last bit. It is a must-buy, becasue this is one of the best DVDs I have ever seen!

**OK!** You talked me into it [[:-)]] .