OpenOffice of OSX

It’s being called NeoOffice right now and they have a prototype up and running.

Welcome to the online home of **Neolithic Office**, or NeoOffice for short. NeoOffice is a prototyping project that was used to explore different methods and problems that will be encountered when porting [[]] to run natively on MacOS X. It uses a mixture of Carbon and Cocoa to run [[]] directly on top of MacOS X with an [[Aqua]] look and provide the foundation upon which the user interface can be redesigned to utilize sheets, drawers, and other conventions of the Aqua Human Interface Guidelines. That “feel” has yet to be engineered and designed…so if you have suggestions let us know!

Very interesting. I can’t wait… a free **full** office suite!!!

What’s Wrong with the Giants?

The Giants were completely outplayed last night.

The Anaheim Angels had their own idea of how to party at Pac Bell Park.

Scott Spiezio, Darin Erstad and the Angels trampled San Francisco 10-4 Tuesday night, crashing the Giants’ homecoming and taking a 2-1 lead in the World Series.

I hope they can regroup and be ready for the game tonight. If they can’t even the series, it’s all over.