And Another Thing

Jeff Jacoby has some more thoughts on why we should pass Question 1.

Enacting Question 1 would not wipe out state government. It would cut a $23 billion budget to $14 billion, or roughly where it was in 1993 – not exactly the Dark Ages. In so doing, it would administer a badly needed rebuke to a Legislature that routinely treats the public with contempt and thinks the best answer to every question is new taxes.

It’s funny how the truth just as a better sound to it, isn’t it?

Question 1?

Question 1 would abolish the state income tax. Why should you vote for it?

We have high income and property taxes; the total per capita tax burden is the fourth highest in the nation with correspondingly high per capita spending. Yet as soon as there is a slight revenue shortfall, the first move by the Legislature is to cut services for the handicapped, then start drafting a new tax package.

This drives me crazy. I’ve been saying for quite a while now that the state legislature has no respect for the people. We pass a proposition to roll back the income tax, and they basically just ignore it.

In fact, it’s worse than that. They treat us like children that they are going to punish. Have you ever noticed how the first response of the establishment is fear mongering? [According to Paul Guzzi and Michael Widmer](*no”to”avoid*fiscal_chaos+.shtml,) rolling the state budget back to **$14 BILLION** would throw the finances of state and local governments into chaos. Don’t believe it.

Don’t you get the feeling that every time they are forced to cut a tax, they choose the spending to cut that they know will be the most emotionally disturbing to the general populace? It’s all about taking **our*’ money and controlling it for what ”’they”’ want. It’s time to say ‘*enough is enough**!