User Interface Hall of Shame: Lotus Notes

I wish this wasn’t the case… I really do!

We wish we found IBM’s Lotus Notes a long time ago. This single application could have formed the basis for the entire site. The interface is so problematic, one might reasonably conclude that the designers had previously visited this site, and misread “Hall of Shame” as “Hall of Fame”. Lotus Notes… contains almost every example of inefficient design illustrated thoughout the entire Hall of Shame site.

And I have to use this at work!!!

Having had to use Notes for e-mail for a few weeks before I quit my last company, I can fully appreciate your criticisms. In the developers’ defense, since Notes is supposed to run on various OS platforms, it is important that it **suck** equally on all of them.

I guess I can understand that… except that on the 5.0 product, it doesn’t work cross-platform anymore! Now what’s their excuse?

Microsoft’s New Website Stinks

Of course, their new site only looks right when viewed by their product (IE) on their OS (Windows).

Microsoft is a W3C member that sits on the XHTML and CSS working groups, and makes web browsers that support those technologies. Microsoft’s browser developers include longtime W3C contributors like Chris Wilson and Tantek Çelik who help create web standards and are passionate about supporting them. It’s too bad their hard work and that of other W3C members was ignored by the site’s designers.

Those who use font tags and other such junk often claim they’re doing so to make the site look good in old browsers. That wouldn’t be a sensible goal for the makers of IE6, but let’s run it up the flagpole. The ill-coded redesign looks reasonably good in Netscape 4/Win but the site is illegible in Netscape 4/Mac.

Why am I not surprised? It can’t live with standards anywhere else, so why should I expect that they could on their website.