Switchers to M$?

Not really. This is just way too funny.

It appears that the **Switch** campaign is getting to Microsoft. They’ve posted their own version on their site:

There’s a new page on Microsoft’s web site that tells the first-person story of an unnamed ‘freelance writer’ who made the switch from the Mac to Windows XP. The author of the page — who never identifies herself, and who could very easily be fictional or a composite sketch — says ‘Windows XP gives me more choices and flexibility.’ How, you ask? Why, through Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, and modern operating-system features like separate accounts for each user and easy access to the Internet, of course. Maybe somebody should email Microsoft and let them know that the Mac has had all of these things for years now … nah. It’d just embarrass them. Anyway, it’s an entertaining read that’s good for a laugh.

And if you read the followup thread, it uncovers the fact that **IT’S NOT EVEN A REAL PERSON!!!** I guess that can’t find someone that actually switched from the Mac to WindowsXP and likes it enough to admit it!

From the thread at [[Slashdot]]:

The AP already picked up this story, and tracked down the marketing company hired to create this fake ad. The woman, Valerie G. Mallinson of Shoreline, Wash works for a public relations firm, Wes Rataushk & Associates Inc. Microsoft hired Rataushk to produce fake testimonials when their own research turned up no usable customers.

Here’s a [screenshot](http://www.scripting.com/misc/msSwitchAd/gustavson.png) of the page before Microsoft nuked it.

###Just in case

Just in case you think that Apple’s switch campaign is a fabrication as well, here’s some info from the guy who posted the original story on [[Slashdot]]:

I’m the guy who submitted the story, and I’ll be happy to answer your question. Apple did something that most people aren’t aware of. They actively solicited, on their web site, write-in testimonials about switching from Windows to Mac OS X for almost a year before running the first “Switchers” ad. Also, Apple paid for the Switchers airfare and accommodations when they shot their TV spots, but they themselves received no money at all.

And check out this [interview](http://www.osnews.com/story.php?news_id=1737) with one of the people from the switch campaign… seems real to me [[:-)]]