Freenet Here We Come!

A new version of the Freenet software, a program based around wholly anonymous Net publishing and distribution, is due out Monday after long silence from its mostly volunteer developer community.

This is the RIAA’s worst nightmare!

The developers have spent considerable time building in a level of encryption and anonymity that ordinary peer-to-peer services can’t provide, noting that their aim is more to allow global, uncensorable free speech than to facilitate the distribution of such things as music or movies.

Yeah, but it’s going to get used that way, and the record industry will have no way to fight back!

###This is the key

Freenet works by having each person involved dedicate a portion of their hard drive to hold content uploaded to the network. This is encrypted, so no person will know what is in their cache at any given time or be knowingly responsible for hosting any particular piece of content.

Nobody will know what’s being shared, by whom, or where.