Seeking employment in a challenging position in which my talents and experience as a high end software developer will be utilized to their fullest

##Michael D. Carney

I am a highly motivated principal software engineer with 14 years of experience developing highly integrated, complex software products consisting of several million lines of code, most of which was done in C++, beginning in 1988, before it had even achieved wide acceptence.

I have been a loyal employee for my entire career. Of the fourteen years of my professional life, twelve have been spent at [[LTX]] and two at [[Rational]].


Inquiries may be sent to:

** *’C”’, ”’C++”’, ”””PHP”””, Perl, Java, ””*SQL***, Shell scripting
** *’UNIX”’, X/Motif, MacOS, ””*MacOSX***, Windows
** *””HTML”””, ”””CSS”””, ”””XML”””, ”””XML-RPC”””, ””*SQL***
** **Clearcase*, CVS, UCM, RCS
* LEX, YACC, make

##Software Patent
* USPO# : [6,418,387](’6,418,387′.WKU.&OS=PN/6,418,387&RS=PN/6,418,387)
** **Sole inventor*
* Method of and system for generating a binary shmoo plot in N-dimensional space. This consists of an algorithm for subdividing an N-dimensional space into 2n equal subspaces, testing the extreme 2n vertices in each subspace for equivalent results, recursively continuing the process
** Reduces characterization time exponentially to O(2n ** log2nm) where:
**** n = number of dimensions
**** m = total number of points in n-dimensional space
* Allows for unlimited number of variable interactions to be characterized

##Personal Development
In an effort to keep up with trends in web-based technology, I have written the software that drives my [personal website]( This software utilizes PHP for its web page generation, while all the data for the pages is stored in an SQL database. The site includes support for web services utilizing XML-RPC to implement various APIs (for instance, the [[blogger]] and [[metaweblog]] APIs).

###Instrumentation Laboratory 2003 – Present, Lexington, MA
** **Principal Software Engineer*
**** Software architect of next generation blood gas analyzer operating system
**** Designed XML based messaging protocol for communcations with remote user interface
**** Designed finite state machine to safely control state of instrument
**** Designed calculations module to analyze inputs from blood sensors to output blood gas measurements

###LTX Corporation 1988 – 1993 San Jose, CA, 1994 – 2003, Westwood, MA
** **Principal Software Engineer, 1998 – 2002*
**** Unified two multi-million line products bringing for SOC tester to market
**** Modified expression processor to allow imbedding of mixed signal code
**** General socket event handler allowing for unlimited socket connections with unique functionality attached to each
**** Designed multidimensional binary shmoo plot algorithm, received patent and bonus
** **Senior Software Engineer, 1994 – 1998*
**** Designed parallel multisite execution of directed graph reducing total cost of test for customers
**** Transfered from San Jose office to corporate headquarters in 1998 to implement critical software component enVision++ for next generation testing technology
** **Software Engineer, 1991 – 1993*
**** Designed and implemented space and time efficient symbol lookup class using DFA, Hash Tables, Bi-directional Linked List, and TRIE technologies
**** Designed general shared memory management technique
** **Diagnostic Engineer, 1988 – 1991*
**** Designed and implemented object parsing tool using LEX and YACC compiler technologies
**** Designed and implemented stack based expression processor

###Rational Software Corporation 1993 – 1994, Santa Clara, CA
** **Senior Software Engineer* 1993 – 1994
**** Developed of new C++ code to integrate with existing systems
**** Designed configuration management system built on standard make using Perl for code analysis
**** Rational Rose contributor
**** Rational Development Environment contributor

* Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, University of California, Santa Barbara
* Certified Sun System Administrator
** Certified in Solaris **Pthreads*
** Certified **ObjectStore* developer

###References Available on Request