Switching Just Got Easier

Detto Technologies has a new product out that automates the process.

Apple Computer has a new weapon in its campaign to woo PC users: a $59 piece of software that makes the switch to Macintosh easier.

There seems to be less and less of a reason to stay. Hmmm…

M$ No Longer on Top?

In Spain, at least, M$ is no longer the platform of choice for the government.

Luis Millan Vazquez de Miguel, a college professor turned politician, is succeeding where multibillion-dollar, multinational corporations have failed. He is managing to unseat Microsoft Corp. as the dominant player in the software industry, at least in his little part of the world.

Excellent! Now, if other world governments would follow suit, we’d have a revolution on our hands!

Unfortunately, that doesn’t look likely here in the US with the recent court decision.

Still Hope for a Scouring?

Saruman will be in both LOTR films yet to be released?

The only thing that is sure is that I will be in both of the next two Lord of the Rings movies, and I am considering three of four other interesting roles.

Very interesting indeed!