M$ at it again

Here’s a link to a document describing Microsoft’s latest anti-competitive strategies to destroy open source.

The document reproduced below was presented at a Microsoft internal Linux Strategic Review held at the Microsoft offices in Berlin during Sept. 2002. I received it on 5 November 2002.

Question 2 Gutted?

Jeff Jacoby believes that the legislature will just ignore the obvious will of the people… and he has good reason to think so.

Question 2, the ballot initiative to scrap transitional bilingual education – passed overwhelmingly on Tuesday, and the immediate response from Beacon Hill was a vow to gut it. Robert Antonioni, the Senate chairman of the Education Committee, told reporters to expect *potentially significant change” in the new law. ”I think people just saw this as a quick fix,” he said, ”and I don’t think they ever got into the details of this plan.*

In other words, the voters were too dumb to know what they were doing when they approved Question 2, so lawmakers needn’t show deference to their decision. That condescending attitude now pervades the Massachusetts State House, and if it isn’t vigorously challenged, it is going to doom the initiative and referendum process in this state to extinction.

If I was a voter in Massachussettes, and I am, this would just piss me off. If they do gut it, everyone in this state needs to make sure to vote these guys out the next time they have the chance.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Read on to find out how condescending and elitist these guys really are.