Abuse of Power by M$

[[M$]] is losing money in every segment **except** its Windows and Office products.

The mysterious shroud surrounding Microsoft’s revenues was dispelled yesterday, when the company revealed that it is losing shedloads of money on everything bar client Windows, server and Office software. In these, naturally, it’s making even bigger shedloads, but it’s abundantly clear who’s paying the rent, and financing the assaults into new areas…

It can afford to shoulder big losses in the areas where it wishes to be the dominant force for a very long time. Which is fortunate, because in several cases these look suspiciously like ventures normal businesses would be forced to put a bullet into. Now.

That’s right friends. Because of its monopoly position, it can afford to lose money in every other segment of the market in order to gain control. The US Courts and the Bush administration should be ashamed of themselves.