MS: Don’t Trust MS!

According to Microsoft, you can’t trust Microsoft to supply secure software!

Not was enough that recent vulnerability in IE that can run any program in an unpatched windows system. Now there is another related to an ActiveX control that can make IE and IIS to run any code in the system. The Microsoft solution? kill the related ActiveX control and replace it with a safe one. The Microsoft problem? As this control is Microsoft signed, any site can require it, upload it and replace the “good” one with the vulnerable one. The final recomendation from Microsoft? Don’t trust/run ActiveX controls signed by Microsoft.

The truth really is stranger than fiction!!!

Return to WOZ

Steve Wozniak will appear at this year’s Mac Expo.

Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak is taking the stage at Macworld Expo after a six-year absence and will be giving his first presentation there in more than a decade.

For the 3 people out there that don’t know, [[Woz]] is the super-genius that is responsible for bringing the computer to the masses. Yes, Steve Jobs is a marketing genius that made sure it was seen, but Woz developed it. It’s good to see Woz in action again!

Millions Vulnerable with MS Web Software

A software bug in a common component of Microsoft Web servers and Internet Explorer could leave millions of servers and home PCs open to attack, security researchers said Wednesday.

This is yet another good reason to stick to open standards and open source for things like this. Any flaw is completely visible by the public, and therefore usually gets fixed quickly.

The vulnerability, found by security company Foundstone and confirmed by Microsoft, could allow an Internet attacker to take over a Web server, spread an e-mail virus or create a fast-spreading network worm.

It’s highly unlikely that something like this would happen with Apache!