Job Situation

Well, it finally happened. I’ve been laid off.

##In The Beginning

It all started with a strange twist of fate in February of 1988. My parents were on a flight from Boston to San Jose. This was back in the days when you could smoke on domestic flights, and my mother was in the smoking section while my father was in non-smoking.

Sitting next to my father was a business man whose job obviously had something to do with some sort of technology. My father, being the proud parent that he was, started talking to this gentleman about his son that was soon to graduate from the [[UCSB]] with a degree in Computer Science.

Being the gregarious guy that my dad was, he eventually talked this guy’s ear off and the guy gave him a business card and told my father to have me call him for an interview near the end of the school year.

The guy’s name was Mike Perugini and he worked at [[LTX]] in San Jose.

B5 Season 1 is Here!

Unfortunately, the transfer seems to be the same low quality as the first two movies released.

I’ll probably end up buying it someday, but with my recent [[Job Situation]], it might be a while.

Wait ‘Till Next Year?

While 2003 isn’t likely to see a boom, here’s why it should offer a marked improvement in sales for this beleaguered tech sector

Even worse, Guzman sees no end to the lengthened lifecycles that have put a brake on PC sales. Those cycles “have been getting longer for us — from three years to four, and even five or six.

I hope that this isn’t the case! When do you think the “Economic Recovery” will take place?

Some Good Advice

This is an article from [[Slashdot]] in which a guy asks the question Now that I’ve lost my job, what skills should I learn in the hi-tech world..

Given that this also just happened to me, I think I’ll ready all the responses (maybe I’ll find some leads). In any case,

I got many of the skill the replies mention, and I should be able to learn the other’s fairly rapidly.

So, if you’re hiring and you need a very experienced C++/OO developer, I’m your guy. Take a look at my “Resume: Michael D. Carney” for more information.