Dear Vince

[](*to”lombardi”more”than”just*numbers/?rss_id=Boston+Globe+–+Sports+News:) “Dear Vince,
I hope that it’s OK to call you Vince… Anyway, I’m writing to tell you about this pro football team we have here in New England… Maybe you’re getting tired of hearing about how Bill Belichick is a genius and has a 10-1 playoff record. People keep talking about how he’s topped your postseason record of 9-1, but don’t be annoyed because Belichick isn’t having anything to do with the phony comparison. He reminds everyone here that you won five NFL Championships. He knows the reason you won only two Super Bowls is because they didn’t invent the ultimate game until the end of your reign with the Packers. We all know that.”

Yes, we do. But you know what? Just the fact that the comparison is even mentioned is an incredible complement to our guy Bill.