Tivo Deathwatch @ Engadget

[PVRblog](http://www.pvrblog.com/pvr/:) “Engadget has started a ‘TiVo Deathwatch’ with almost 50 comments from users. This does not bode well…”

Sorry TiVo, but we’re declaring this deathwatch until further notice. We hope you’ll seriously turn things around—you know what you need to do. We’ll be updating this post periodically to reflect new developments until TiVo either declares bankruptcy, gets acquired, or (hopefully) reports a profitable quarter.

Can’t they just get the deal with Comcast done?!?!?!?!!? I’m sick of my Comcast DVR freezing up right in the middle of recording so I end up missing half of a show. The TiVo software is so much nicer!