Apple to Release OSX 10.2 (AKA Jaguar) Sooner Than Expected

When was the last time you remember a technology company doing that?

The widely anticipated update to Apple Computer’s Mac OS X will appear earlier than expected, sources say, which is good news for the company in a tough year.

Not just for the company, but for all computer users. OSX is quite simply a brilliant operating system. With each improvement, Apple goes down its asymtotic curve towards total bliss.

Decision Close in Microsoft Penalties

Hopefully, the judge won’t wimp out.

In a move that could bring Microsoft and the Justice Department closer to an approved settlement deal, a federal judge said Tuesday that both parties had complied with laws governing antitrust settlements.

How I long for the days of the real trust busters.

The plaintiff states are seeking for Microsoft to: sell a second version of Windows, from which middleware such as browsers and media players can be removed; license through auction its widespread Office software for use on competing operating systems; give away for free the source code, or blueprint, to its Internet Explorer Web browser; and carry in Windows for 10 years Sun Microsystems’ version of the Java Virtual Machine.

Unfortunately, this is only a baby step in the right direction. None of these actions are punative enough, and neither will they solve the core problem: that Microsoft is a predatory company with too much power because of its de-facto monopoly in the operating system market in conjunction with its de-facto monopoly in office productivity software. These two items must be separated for any true resolution to take place.

Halloween: Resurrection Deserves Death

Moriarty from [[Ain’t it Cool News]] gives his thoughts on the latest in the long dead series.

I could go on, but I don’t have the heart. Suffice it to say that I hated this film, and I strongly urge you not to see it in the theater. Send the message to Dimension that you want them to STOP… RAPING… THE CORPSE… OF HALLOWEEN…

There was an exponential drop off in quality in these films, which means that eventhough the first one is a classic, the second is only mediocre. Anything after that is just a waste of celluloid and money.