Can Hollywood Hack Your Computer?

Congress is about to consider an entertainment industry proposal that would authorize copyright holders to disable PCs used for illicit file trading.

The legislation would immunize groups such as the Motion Picture Association of America and the Recording Industry Association of America from all state and federal laws if they disable, block or otherwise impair a publicly accessible peer-to-peer network.

I guess those campaign contributions are starting to pay off. What’s up with this? Why should it be OK for one person or group to disable another’s computer without consent?

Anyone whose computer was damaged in the process must receive the permission of the U.S. attorney general before filing a lawsuit, and a suit could be filed only if the actual monetary loss was more than $250.

So, that means that Hollywood can destroy my computer, and even if I’ve done **nothing*’ wrong, my only recourse is to contact the U. S. attorney and get his permission to ‘*try and get them to fix it?** What’s wrong with this picture???

No More Questions on Nomar

Three home runs and eight RBIs is a great way to celebrate a birthday!

Nomar Garciaparra merely did what Ted Williams told everyone to do. Get a good pitch to hit and swing away. It wasn’t as if he planned to hit three home runs on consecutive at-bats in two innings, the last of them a Joe Hardy-style grand slam.

The Legend of Ted lives on.

Mass. Legislature Lies to Get Tax Increase Passed

In yet another scummy move, the Mass. state legislature claims it needs to increase taxes because eventhough the budget has been slashed, there’s still a shortfall.

The comments may have made the big tax increase easier to swallow and, on paper, state spending appears to shrink this year by $100 million. But upon closer examination, some see that total state spending is poised to rise by approximately 2.6 percent, or $600 million, aside from expected vetos by the governor that will reduce the increase by $300 million. That includes hundreds of millions of dollars in expenses that were shifted off the budget.

It sounds to me like they’re playing the same games as Enron and