Muirfield Requires Great Shotmaking

Who do you think this favors?

I’d say that this favors [[Tiger]]. But there are others that should get serious consideration that ordinarily wouldn’t be considered because of their (lack of) length. Of course, players like Mickelson have a chance, but don’t count out Olazabel either.

Nicklaus and Watson at Murfield in ’77

It’s time for a little review of some of the history of the British Open as Tiger prepares to try for the third leg of the Grand Slam.

Then there are the roars that surely one still can hear drifting in from Turnberry, another venerable golf course on this country’s west coast. Twenty-five years have not muffled them. Not in the least. The 1977 British Open, after all, was one for the ages, and not a person who remembers it considers it anything but the finest head-to-head duel between two mammoth champions.

We can only hope that one of the challengers for [[Tiger]] will step up to the plate and give him a run for his money.