George Will on Ted Williams

George Will, baseball lover and author of
Men at Work
and other books, eulogises one of the greats.

There is no joy in Red Sox nation, aka New England, or in any heart where baseball matters. When Ted Williams arrived in Boston at age 20 in 1939, a spindly 6-foot-4, the Splendid Splinter said, “All I want out of life is that when I walk down the street folks will say, ‘There goes the greatest hitter that ever lived.”‘ When he died Friday at age 83, many people did say that, and no one said they were foolish.

iMac With Larger Display

Apple Computer plans to serve up a new iMac model with a larger flat-panel display during next week’s Macworld Expo trade show, according to sources.

The upgrade to a 17-inch liquid crystal display (LCD) comes as sales have all but stalled on existing 15-inch flat-panel iMacs. Apple unveiled the original flat-panel iMac, which suspends the monitor from a pivoting arm attached to a hemispherical base, during January’s Macworld Expo in San Francisco.

The tech market really has stalled… but if it gets me a 17 inch monitor on an iMac, I can live with that.

iPod on Linux?

Windows users have recently been given access to the popular Macintosh music player, iPod, and now Linux users may soon be able to take a bite out of Apple Computer’s gadget.

Last week, tex9 , a small software-development company in San Francisco, began beta testing an iPod plug-in for its xtunes music player software, which is itself a Linux clone of Apple’s iTunes. The plug-in will, tex9 promises, allow drag-and-drop access to iPod, which holds up to 10GB of music.

This will make a lot of my friends happy!