Harry Has Seen the FoTR DVD!

Don’t follow the link to the page if you don’t want some Two Towers spoilers!

As wonderful as the Mines of Moria looked on the big screen, so much was lost in the alchemy of film creation. This direct digital transfer, however is an open eye as to every nuance in the film. Not only can you see all them pesky orcs in Moria now, but you can see what they are wearing, how their faces are reacting… The carvings and latice work in Moria that them industrious wee little dwarfs spent a millenia or two chipping out of solid mountain… Well now you can see it all.

Another thing that you might be interested in knowing is that some of the gaffes are now missing. Remember that long shot of Frodo and Sam, where Sam is saying one more step and he’ll be the farthest from home he has ever been before? Right around the time that Frodo is about to tell him what Bilbo told him about his feet? Remember that car in the far off distance and the trail of dirt it kicked up in the air that you annoyingly eagle eyed bastards always end up pointing out, thus distracting me to look for the damn thing… Well, it isn’t there anymore. Message received. Problem solved!

I can’t wait!!! Only one more month!!!!!!

Dan Shaunessey Remembers the Kid

It turns out that Ted helped save his daughter’s life.

The big voice was first heard by my family in 1993 when 8-year-old Kate Shaughnessy was diagnosed with leukemia. Ted and I had no relationship. I was just another annoying *writer* asking dumb hitting questions around the cage in Winter Haven and at Cooperstown. But when Ted heard there was a sick child at Children’s Hospital in Boston, he made Kate his mission.


The phone rang in Kate’s room on 7-West at Children’s. Still fairly strong in the early days of chemo, Kate answered, and started listening. Early in the conversation, she jerked the phone away from her ear, as if it had delivered an electrical shock. She covered the mouthpiece and said, *Daddy, there’s a loud man on the phone telling me I’m going to be OK.*

He’ll be missed.

So Long Ted

Ted Williams: 1918-2002

With the passing of Ted Williams, America has lost a baseball legend, said President Bush, a former baseball owner. Whether serving the country in the armed forces or excelling on the baseball diamond, Ted Williams demonstrated unique talent and love of country.

He was the best damn hitter the game ever saw.

You’ll be missed Ted!

Happy Birthday America

We had a nice celebration at Jeff and Sue’s, and Mark brought along some scuba gear from his shop to give us a unique and wonderful experience. This July 4th was a special one for the United States (the first since September 11th). This just goes to show you that you can’t keep America down. Here’s some pictures that prove it.