New iPod and iMac

Finally, a reasonable size screen on an iMac, and iPod just got very affordable.

Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs on Wednesday defended the company’s switch to the Mac OS X operating system and unveiled new iPod digital-audio players and a new flat-panel iMac.

YEAH! I think I know someone who’s going to buy one of these [[:-)]].

Savor the Moment

Fans should savor the possibilities with Tiger this weekend. I know I can’t wait.

One minute we’re handing him this third leg of the Grand Slam. The next, we’re trying to figure out ways to take it away.

Go figure.

You got that right. I absolutely love how he’s dominating the sport. I feel like I know what it must’ve been like to watch Jack in his prime, or see Ali box in his. It’s a special time in the golf world.