Internet Explorer: Hacker Welcome Mat

A Danish security researcher warned users of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Outlook and Outlook Express applications that a recently discovered software flaw could leave their system open to malicious code carried on Web pages or in e-mails.

Why am I not surprised?

In an advisory released Wednesday, Thor Larholm, a security researcher and partner at risk-assessment company PivX Solutions, warned that HTML objects embedded in Web pages and e-mails could carry code that allows an attacker to check out victims’ cookie files, read their documents, and execute programs on their computer.

Bill Gates has been quick to point out bugs in Linux (which the open source crowd happily fix [[:-)]] ), but he really needs to look in his own back yard. Windows and ActiveX are to security what a corner is to a prostitute… an invitation to get screwed.

###To all you IT managers out there…

Doesn’t this make you a tad nervous? When was the last time you heard something like this about a a UNIX-type system?