What the Els Happened?

Ernie held it together for the 3rd leg of the career slam, winning the 2002 British Open.

I’m really happy for Ernie. He’s had his share of disappointment living in the shadow of the [[Tiger]] for the last several years. But what happened to [[Tiger]] on Saturday? He was playing like **me**!

Bad Start for Bush

In stock-market terms, it’s been the worst start of any President in US history.

PRESIDENT BUSH, who marked his 18th month in office this weekend, is off to the worst start of any president in the last 75 years.

At least, that is, as measured by the performance of the Standard & Poor’s index of 500 stocks.

You gotta give the guy a bit of a break, what with **9/11*’ and the lying of the ‘*BigCo’s**, but still, I’ve definitely felt the pain of this first 18 months.

Worldcom Files for Bankruptcy

Here we go again! Will it ever stop?

Telecommunications giant WorldCom files for bankruptcy, representing the largest such filing in U.S. history. The company says it will emerge stronger; customers may get caught holding a dead line.

Yikes! I don’t want to see what the market is going to do today. I’ll be hiding under my desk for the duration!

ILM Switches to Linux

ILM will be using Intel based computers running Linux for most of their special effects work.

The technical effects studio has switched from using RISC-Unix workstations from SGI to using Intel-based Dell systems running Linux for the bulk of its animation and special effects work, said Cliff Plumer, ILM’s chief technology officer. As part of the conversion, ILM recently deployed 600 Pentium 4 workstations.

Very interesting… my heart skipped a beat when I heard Intel, but then I heard Linux and all was right in the universe.