Re: More cool vanila stuff

The Database stuff sounds like a good idea.

I have figured out how to store images in a postgreSQL Blob, it uses
seperate table space for all large objects and puts a pointer(object id) into the table. I believe that oracle and informix also do this.

Where in vanila 0.91 do you actually insert the images into the table?
if it is autoform.php I seam to be missing IT??

More cool vanila stuff…

Moving stuff into the database…

I figured out how to put a bunch more stuff into the database and make things less reliant on files on the disk. If you take a look at my site, all of the “blocks” on the left and right hand sides of pages are done by code that exists solely in the database, not on disk. This means that extending the functionality of Vanila will be about adding do the database… AND THAT’S ALL [[:-)]] There should be no reason to upload files when I’m done with this…

I think that all theme files, section files, and document support files will end up going away and just be replace with entries in the database.

What do you think?

As far as your new hobby… it looks like stuff I saw in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” [[:-)]].