Muirfield Set Up For Shotmakers

Is this another pre-ordained win for [[Tiger]]?

Of course, Woods, the best player on the planet, still has the advantage in the 131st Open championship. He has the advantage anywhere he tees it up. But he has more honorable company on the contender list at Muirfield, where the winds, whins and bewildering number of bunkers can wreak havoc.

[[tiger_hook]] All of that is true, but take a look at this picture taken at [[The Masters]] this year on the 5th hole. Believe it or not, he made that shot, up the hill, out from under the trees with a 30 yard hook, nothin’ but green.

If the British Open is set up for shotmakers this year, can there be any question who has a huge advantage? Couple that with [[Tiger]]’s ability to play in high wind, and you might as well just give him the win right now.

Calling Lee Trevino!