Sir Ian Updates the Greybooks

There’s some very interesting questions and answers.

In particular, I love the response to this insightful question.

Q: One of the (few) discrepancies in the Fellowship of the Ring occurs when Gandalf says “Let the Ringbearer decide” whether or not to continue over Caradhras or try Moria. For me, this was quite out of character for Gandalf (in the book, Gandalf made the decision, after debate with Aragorn). I feel that it diminishes him as a leader and also reflects poorly on his willingness to accept responsibility. Can you provide any insight as to why this choice was made?

A: The change is akin to Frodo’s solving the “Speak Friend and enter” riddle onscreen, which in the book is Gandalf’s own discovery. Collapsing the extended story of the books to fit the confines of a relatively short film, the screenplay writers wanted to show Gandalf’s gradually handing over responsibility to the ringbearer. As such, I thought these marginal alterations worked, although I appreciate your concern.