StarOffice on OSX

Sun and Apple are teaming up to bring the Microsoft alternative to MacOSX.

Sun has been looking for hardware allies in its long-running quest to popularize StarOffice, which competes against Microsoft Office. To date, no major PC makers have pledged to heavily promote StarOffice.

Apple also gains a friend to help counter its increasingly contentious relationship with Microsoft, which has been struggling with sales of its Office v. X suite for Macintosh. Microsoft expected to sell 750,000 copies of the software; since its release last November, only 300,000 copies of Mac Office have sold.

This is wonderful news for any of us that would like a feature complete office suite but can’t stand giving any money to Microsoft. Of course… it’s open source to the rescue!

Both Deal and Silver concluded if nothing else, an OS X version of StarOffice would appeal to the large number of anti-Microsoft users on the Mac.

“For some die-hard Mac users, who certainly have a bone to pick with Microsoft, a Sun-Apple combination would seem like the perfect symbiotic relationship,” Deal said.

They’ve finally figured out that marketing to people like me is a good thing!